What our clients have to say about us!

Amazing all around. Sent both of our pitbull babies to board/train. Baby had a issue with being possessive with toys and was extremely dominant as well. Sasha was a new addition to the family so board/train was the best option for us. This way the dogs were able to familiarize with each other and be able to get get along. James is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and understanding. He did wonders with Baby’s behavioral issues. Definitely would recommend to everyone!

-Helen Chen

James taught my 4 year old American-Bulldog Meatball basic commands and helped identify and prevent the development of serious “resource guarding” issues. I also board my little buddy every few months with James and he is the only person I trust to properly apply Meatball’s prescription eye drops!

-Erica Preston

Can easily say James is the best at what he does. Had some issues with my beagle, Max. Tried petsmart and some other stores. Issues remained. Was referred to James from a friend and could not be happier with the results. Max listens and obeys everything i say now. He taught me some cool hacks to use with Max. On top of all this hes constantly improving. He recently told me he was in the process of acquiring his grooming license. Cant wait! One stop shop!!!

-Juan Bonilla

I board my dogs Samson & Goliath frequently and I wouldn’t trust them in anyone else’s hands!! The boarding set up is comfortable, tidy and the general atmosphere is much more calm and home-like than you’ll ever find at any other boarding facility or pet hotel!!

-William Lyons

Great trainer! Complete transformation in my dogs behavior in just a few sessions. Definitely would recommend to anyone who is in need of training services. Thank you Pawfect Solutions!

-John Santos

Highly Recommended, i left my Bull Terrier (Zeus) with James for a month and i got back the most well behaved dog a man can ask for. The most pressing issue i had was the Zeus was that he was never friendly with others and would tend to destroy shoes left out in the open... after a month with James my bull terrier is friendly, obedient, he is now friendly around other people and even other dogs, if i were you I’d leave your dog with James for the best results.

-Brandon Celikbas